Larsen Applied Earth Science (LAES) was established by Patrick Larsen in February of 2006 after working for almost a decade as a project geologist with a prominent environmental consulting firm. Patrick managed dozens of pesticide monitoring studies and wastewater and water supply studies across the United States. Ultimately, LAES was established due to a strong desire to utilize our skills and experience in the community in which we live. Patrick is an alumni of the University of Utah with a B.Sc.
in Geology and Geophysics, as well as the University of Vermont, with a M.Sc. in Geology (Full resume).


We believe strongly in sustaining and supporting the businesses and citizens of our community.
We do this through:

  • Participation in local non-profit organizations and charities with over 100 hours volunteered per year.
  • Involvement in mentoring with the Lamoille Valley Mentoring Partnership, environmental literacy with the Four Winds Nature Institute, coaching with the Hardwick Area Little League and elementary basketball, and are a member of the Greensboro Volunteer Fire Department.
  • Using local subcontractors and buying supplies locally.
  • Pro-bono consulting for local charities.
  • Monetary contributions to local charities.


Our core service is wastewater and water supply design and permitting (also known as “perc testing”) in the State of Vermont. We also have extensive experience in all types of environmental field work, including well and lysimeter installation and soil and water sampling.
For a full list of services, see Service List.